I've Moved!!

913to619 has moved! 

My blog now has a new name, a new home, and a new look. Click here to checkout the site, or go directly the to the blog, here.


913to619 Gets a New Look

The Site

Ekkk!!! Big news. Seriously, HUGE! As some of you you might have noticed in past posts, I've eluded to an impending and much-needed makeover of 913to619. It's been a long time coming and I'm trilled to announce the new site is almost ready!

In an effort to get this site up and running, move into my new house, keep my clients happy, AND stay sane I'll need to take a short break from blogging. Please bare with me! I promise this break will be very short and I plan to be back to blogging Wednesday, September 3.

In the mean time, feel free to send me any questions or topics you would like covered in future blog posts.

The Social

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6 Lessons Learned from BlogFest Day 1

Now that I've had a few days to fully absorb all the awesomeness that was BlogFest, it's time for a major recap! As promised earlier this week, here are my favorite quotes, lessons learned, and tid-bits from day one...

What you say yes to and what you say no to defines your brand. — Whitney English

As a blogger who's constantly looking for more ways to extend my reach, the opportunity to work with big brands is a tempting thought. For those of you wanting to get in there with big brand opportunities here's what they're looking for:

  • solid blogger following
  • high engagement rate with your audience
  • strong interactions on social media
  • whether or not your content speaks to a specific niche

When you do get in with these big names, make sure you're being selective. In the wise words of Whitney — be yourself. Your audience will know when you're not being authentic so make sure you're only representing the companies and products that you feel 100% reflect your personal aesthetic.

Everything is about relationships. Period. — Kelly Olexa

When it comes to growing your brand and properly representing yourself online it's important to keep in mind that relationships are everything! Whether you're working with a brand to promote a product, giving helpful insights, or just writing for the sake of writing, always over deliver. Be honest with your followers, check back with the brands you're working with, be creative, and go the extra mile to develop and maintain strong relationships.

Everything is mobile. Everything is accessible. Think about what is easiest of your audience. — Kelly Olexa

If you want to grow your following, show up where your audience shows up. For instance, if you're in the health and fitness space, make sure your images are pinable. That way, your followers will be able to easily save your tips for later and share your content to their network. Furthermore, if you know your audience is predominately interacting on Instagram, keep them happy! Instead of posting a sneak peak of a recipe you share on your blog, consider posting the entire recipe so your followers don't have to leave Instagram.

There's power in numbers. — Kelly Olexa

One of the best ways to extend your following and develop your blogger skills is to make friends with other bloggers. The more you can interact with other people outside of your current following, the better. Reach out to other like-minded bloggers, ask questions, learn from their experience and help each other by cross-promoting.

Posing with my girl and fellow SD blogger, Gina!

Blog design is about creating an emotional connection between you and your audience. — Rita Barry 

One of the most important aspects of blogging is be able to develop a true connection with your audience. The best way to make your readers feel something when they visit your blog is to have your design properly reflect your emotional space. Ask yourself these questions to better determine what voice your blog uniquely speaks to:
  • Are you adventurous, brave, imaginative, free spirited?
  • Are you unpredictable, a maverick, care-free, or rebellious?
  • Are you humorous, passionate, magnetic, or exciting?
  • Are you successful, proud, determined, or powerful?
  • Are you empathetic, concerned, compassionate, genuine?
  • Are you intelligent, wise, an expert, or respected?
  • Are you a leader, confident, full of knowledge, and guiding?

Once you answer these questions, you can better create a blog atmosphere that represents these characteristics. 

Less is more.  — Rita Barry

When designing your blog, apply the less is more principle. Make sure your navigation and sidebars are unclogged. In the words of Rita Barry, it's not your readers' job to figure out what's important, it's your job to show them. Rearrange, filter, and cut down on any fluff so your readers experience less confusion.

Check back later this week for BlogFest Day Two recap!


7 Days of BlogFest, Short Runs, and Food Truck Heaven

This post should really be titled "7 Days of Awesomeness!" With a week jam-packed of meetings, conference fun, and loads of good eats — I'd say I've have another perfect week checked off in 2014.


Posing with the one and only — Lorna Jane!

I spent the majority of the week prepping for and attending BlogFest 2014. HUGE thanks to Kelli for inviting me! I learned SO much (too much for one post) and had a great time meeting some of the most inspiring fitness bloggers. Check back later this week for full recaps. For now, here are just a few of my favorite Blogfest moments: 

  • Meeting Lorna Jane ^^^
  • Scoring some major swag
  • Chatting with awesome bloggers like Jess and Beth
  • Learning from the greats: Katy, Gina, and so many more!
  • Geeking out over being in the same room as Jillian Michaels!! 

Cheers to this girl! BlogFest was a complete success!

Long Short Run

Despite my new-found inspiration from Blogfest, I was totally exhausted waking up Saturday morning. 9 a.m. rolled around — time for my last long run before the Disneyland Half and I just wasn't feeling it. Luckily, Collin decided to join me and we opted for a nice 3 mile run-jog. 

Food Truck Festival

Successful short runs cause for celebration and good eats! Saturday afternoon we made our way to Del Mar for the Gourmet Food Truck Festival. Thanks to Del Mar Racetrack, we were in foodie heaven!! Surrounded by more than 50 SoCal food truck favorites, we got to sample some of tastiest treats.

From lobster rolls, to stuffed burgers, and everything ooy-gooy in between — the food truck festival had it all! My personal favorites were the "Ahi Taco" from The Lime Truck (as seen on The Great Food Truck Race) and the "Basic 5" grilled cheese goddess from GreenGo. Gahhh!! SO good!

After falling into the deepest and most delicious food comas EVER, we placed a few bets, had some laughs then called it a day. The rest of the weekend was spent paddle boarding with family, packing for the big move (this week!) then meeting with my favorite Canadian blogger — Mel!

What exciting things do you have planned this week?

Gourmet Food Truck Festival tickets c/o Del Mar Racetrack.


Something Styled | Boyfriend Jeans

Oh hey new feature! Trying something new here with Something Styled. Every couple weeks I'll feature a new personal style post with some of my go-to fashion staples. This week I want to focus on my absolute favorite — boyfriend jeans. Otherwise known as, super-comfy, wear any day, goes with errthang jean!

Unlike your db ex, this boyfriend will never let you down or go out of style. Pair them with anything — flats, heels, flannels, you name it! For this outfit, I decided to keep it casual with a flowy top, minimal accessories, and London's fabulous booties.

In sunnie heaven with these mirrored aviators. I can see you, but you can't see me! ;)

Close to my heart, our wedding date — 4.18.15!

Get the Look

Top: Anthropologie Tiered Midi TankJeans: Rag & Bone 'The Dre'Shoes: Franco Sarto c/o London (similar) • Necklace: James Michelle Gold Bar Necklace • Bracelets: Alex and Ani BanglesSunglasses: Ray-Ban Mirrored Matte Aviator

Photos by London.

P.S >>> This Anthro top is over 65% off!! Score!!


7 Days of Meetups, Yogis, and Good Eats

What an exciting week it's been! One day I'm focused on wedding fun, the next I'm bouncing around ideas with Avery, then of course there's always something new/exciting/totally nerve racking to do with the house (still in escrow.)

Here's a few highlights from the past seven days....

Tea-lightful Meetups

As I've mentioned in past posts, Avery and I are teaming up to host some bomb, totally awesome, and REALLY fun social media workshops. This past week we met up to go over notes, outlines, and bounce around a few ideas for logistics. Stay tuned for more dets but for now, I'll tease you with a little clue: you're bound to FALL in love with our workshops.

 Sippin on the yummiest Hibiscus Tea from Lofty Coffy .

Good Eats

Most weeks I live day-to-day. This week, I decided to live meal-to-meal. Seriously! I've been focusing a lot lately on cutting back on my carbs. Growing up in a place where a meal is simply not complete without a healthy heaping portion of starch, it's incredibly hard to let go of my carbsession. This week, with the help of some recipes from my fave foodie bloggers — Ashleigh and Andy, and a couple good-choices at my go-to restaurants, I've been able to kick the habbit AND loose some weight! Whoot!!

The Chicken Fajita Salad from Casa de Bandini is out of this world!

Okay, so this, not-so-healthy BUT if you're gunna be bad  — go small! The 'World's Tiniest Sunday' from Hamburger Factory is the perfect size to indulge just a little.

Yogi Love

Sunday, the blogger babes and I met up for some SUP yoga fun. Being the least experienced yogi in the bunch, I was a little intimated to hop on the board. Thankfully, the fabulous (and totally patient) yogis over at San Diego Paddle Yoga know exactly what they're doing. After wrangling us together, we began our 75 minutes of chaturangas, sun salutations, and desperate attempts at not falling in.

Ash impressed us all with her headstand on the water. I could only pull it off for a brief second on land. Ha!

We finished our lesson with a relaxing savasana, paddled in, then hit up The Olive Cafe for some much needed lunch. After, we made our way to the beach for girl talk and sun bathing burning. All-and-all totally relaxing, exhausting, and perfect way to end the week!

What exciting things do you have planned for this week?


Our Wedding Website + Appy Couple Promo

Eeek!! It's finally time to announce a fun project that Collin and I (okay, mostly I) have been working on for the past few weeks.

Drum roll please...

Our wedding website!!

Ahh, it's SO pretty, I can't even handle it! Thanks to Appy Couple, creating our custom and totally gorgeous wedding website was a cinch! Here's why I'm head over heels for this AMAZING website builder...

Why I'm Obsessed

When we began the process of searching for the perfect wedding website for our special day I kept getting cold feet. Other websites offered templates that were either overused, complicated, or just not for us. Thankfully, after a few days of research, we stumbled on "The One" — Appy Couple!

With over 400 designs and more coming out daily,  you and your soul mate are sure to fall in love with the "perfect match." Once you pick a design, Appy leads you through a simple 1-2-3 setup (no coding knowledge required — yippee!!) Throughout the setup, Appy lets you elegantly and easily curate content so you can share all the important details with your guests including: lodging, travel, RSVPs, menu details, and SO much more!

You can also give a shout out to the key people who are helping to make your day special, include fun stories (such as how you started dating), post engagement photos, and even post your registry info! The fun doesn't stop with sharing either; Appy lets your guests get in on the excitement with their FREE app. After downloading, guests can interact by counting down to the big day, giving a virtual champagne toast, and shareing photos.


If you're recently engaged and thinking about building a wedding website I highly recommend saying "I Do" to Appy Couple. You'll love Appy for its gorgeous customization and easy setup. Plus, your guests will have a blast interacting with its fun features! Start setting up your site here.

Use Promo Code: APPY913 to get Appy Couple for just $33!!

photos provided by Appy Couple . sponsored by Appy Couple
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